The Florida Chamber of Commerce annually develops the FLORIDA BUSINESS AGENDA (FBA) to organize and unite Florida employers. The FLORIDA BUSINESS AGENDA not only serves as the consensus agenda of the Florida business community but also provides legislators with the clear, unified legislative priorities of employers across the state.

Prior to session legislators received Where We Stand, a report detailing the FLORIDA BUSINESS AGENDA. This publication includes position papers on each of the FBA issues and information about the Legislative Report Card and our grading criteria. Throughout session, as votes on FBA legislation approach, the Florida Chamber sent letters to legislators indicating the importance of the vote to our members and employers across the state.

At the conclusion of each legislative session, the Florida Chamber calculates and highlights the grades legislators earned through our annual Legislative Report Card. The Legislative Report Card provides employers across Florida with an analysis of support for the legislative priorities of the business community.

Grades earned on the Legislative Report Card are calculated on a grading scale and then communicated to Florida Chamber members and local chambers of commerce across the state.

Grading Criteria

The grade point average (GPA) earned by a legislator is calculated by dividing the total number of times a legislator voted in support of the Florida Chamber’s position by the total number of times a legislator cast a vote on FLORIDA BUSINESS AGENDA bills. Votes after roll call and missed votes are not factored into a legislator’s GPA. For example, if a legislator voted in support of the FLORIDA BUSINESS AGENDA 25 times and against it 5 times, the grade would be calculated as such: 25/30=83%.

Grading Scale

90 and above A
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C
60 - 69 D
59 and below F